6 tips to save on your car insurance

Earlier this year it is more difficult to save because many accounts shall be immediately paid in that period. It is necessary to optimize spending and open hands of a few things. Because of this, we think of some tips to save on the purchase or renewal of car insurance.

1) Simulate insurance prices before choosing your car

In online brokerage, as Smartia, you can make a simulation of your insurance and predict what will be the value according to your profile and the car you want to buy. If you are thinking of buying a new car, be sure to make simulation of insurance prices before!

2) Do not leave the car to sleep on the street

If you have no garage, the risk of the vehicle being stolen or suffer some kind of hit is greater, so the amount of insurance actually increasing. See if you can rent a garage near your street. Sometimes it may be cheaper to pay for parking than the price difference that insurance charge for leaving the car without protection.

3) Tracker in your car

Many insurance companies give discount if you install a tracker in your car, because so it is safer. If it is stolen, for example, the crawler can indicate where to find it, so the risk it presents is lower.

4) See what your insurer offers advantages

Many people pay insurance and never need to punch it, but the trick is to take advantage of some benefits offered by insurers. See what is the network of partner companies in the insurance and get discounts: parking, fitness centers and retail chains. Many insurers have these benefits.

5) Fill out the policy and read everything that is written

What counts in its coverage it is documented in the policy. Read everything that is written and if you have something you do not understand or wrong, contact your broker.

6) Bonus Class

Another item that relieves the insured pocket are the bonus classes. The operation is simple: the fewer occurrences during the year of application, the greater the discount that the customer has time to renew your insurance. If there claim and the insurance is triggered, the insured loses the bonus and has no right to the discount.