What’s new in the auto insurance industry in 2016

Enters year in and year out and there are things that remain fundamental in our lives. One of these is the auto insurance. And to wait for the auto insurance industry in 2016?

Who has a car knows that it can not be at risk there, so you need to always leave your car as safe as possible. The changes in the economic scenario ended up affecting many sectors, but is that auto insurance is one of those?

The insurance industry in general provides for a reduction in the issuance of awards in the previous year, but have auto insurance should have a slight increase, with an expected growth of 3.9% against 3.5% in 2015, according to CNseg. This is being expected due to some changes that must occur in insurance this year, which should attract new policyholders.

popular insurance

One of the reasons many people do not have an auto insurance is due to the high values ​​of the awards, which compromises the budget of the drivers and causes it they end up running out of the service. But on December 18, 2015, SUSEP (Superintendence of Private Insurance) published the draft for the operation of national insurance.

The great advantage of this insurance will be able to use parts used to repair vehicles that have some sinister and have secondary coverage. To ensure the validity of these parts is necessary that they come from dismantling companies to follow the law 12,977 / 14. So they need to be part of a national registry so that they can be used in these situations.

Because it does not require new parts, such insurance must have a cost reduction of about 30%, but it is only available for cars with more than five years and, in the case of trucks, there are no limits. Who opt for popular insurance may have no other type of insurance, but if you wish, you can choose additional toppings such as partial loss. Among the coverage it provides is full indemnity in case of robbery or theft, collision, lightning and fire.

With these changes, about 51.9 million cars in the country can benefit from this new safe and thus make the industry grow.

Insurers that sell this type of product have high expectations. The Ituran, for example, is expecting a growth of 30% for 2015, while the traditional auto insurance sector provides a lower growth than 5% in the year.

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But who really wins is the consumer, and be able to do an auto insurance easier for vehicles with more than five years, will also save. So, who did not have insurance only for cost account, you can find a good alternative, and so able to walk quietly to the car protected and with all the necessary toppings.

Remember that you should not stop searching for best insurers, after all, is still very important to have the best insurance quote in the year 2016, is not it?